The Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre


The NSW and Federal Governments have partnered with the Children’s Cancer Institute, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network including the Kids Cancer Centre, and UNSW Sydney to plan and deliver Australia’s first Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre. 

Together the Children’s Cancer Institute and Kids Cancer Centre share a 35-year history of working collaboratively to translate laboratory discoveries into clinical trials and clinical care at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

By physically co-locating scientists, clinicians and educators in a collaborative multi– disciplinary environment, the Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre will enable accelerated care outcomes to inform and transform the treatment
of childhood cancer.

 Australia’s first Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre will include:

  • State-of-the-art technologically advanced wet and dry laboratory spaces,
  • Education, training and research spaces,
  • New oncology inpatient units, and patient and family focused retreat areas,
  • A new day oncology unit.

A culture of collaboration

Professor Tracey O’Brien from the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and Professor Michelle Haber AM from the Children’s Cancer Institute will lead the new Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre, demonstrating true collaboration and a commitment to research-driven healthcare. Together, they will head the multidisciplinary team focussed on achieving the best outcomes for children and young people with cancer, by accelerating innovation and transferring these medical advances to the treatment delivered to patients at the bedside.   

Expertise and research will be shared with leading cancer institutions across Australia and the world, ensuring all children benefit from work undertaken at the Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre. By sharing knowledge more broadly, other paediatric diseases also stand to gain benefit from outputs and learnings. 

What is a Comprehensive Cancer Centre?

Comprehensive Cancer Centres are worldleading facilities dedicated to researching more effective approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They combine research, clinical care as well as training and education opportunities for researchers, clinicians and the wider community. The CCCC presents a great opportunity to revolutionise the models of care and treatments we provide to children and young people with cancer, and position Australia at the global forefront of paediatric cancer research and care. Comprehensive Cancer Centres are considered the gold standard for researching and treating cancer, as designated by the United States National Cancer Institute.
Team CCI

Children's Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The new children’s hospital and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre, combined with innovative approaches to research and healthcare are set to transform the patient, carer and family experience.

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