integrated acute services building
Public Domain Reference Group

The Randwick Campus Redevelopment team is committed to working together with the community to improve the patient experience at Randwick and design an efficient, sustainable, future ready hospital.

The Randwick Campus Redevelopment team hosted focus groups with staff, students, consumers and the community seeking their input to the design of five key public facing areas of the new Prince of Wales Hospital Integrated Acute Services Building.

The working groups covered the following public domain areas:
  • Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Retail spaces
  • Wayfinding
  • Art and culture
The consumer and community voice is critical in the planning and design of the new Prince of Wales Integrated Acute Services Building to ensure the project’s success in delivering truly community-focused public infrastructure. The intention was to unify the public domain to ensure all areas harmonise together.

Interior Design

The Prince of Wales Integrated Acute Services Building will be a holistic healing environment using human centred design which promotes health and wellness by being warm, inviting and harmonious. The interior design strategy is focused on creating a positive healthcare experience where patients feel safe, informed, reassured and cared for, and to provide a supportive and high quality work environment for staff.

Art & Culture

The art and culture strategy will explore and define how art can help deliver exciting, welcoming and dynamic spaces in the new hospital for patients, carers, staff and the community. Including beautiful artistic spaces into the building will also help with wayfinding and ensure indoor and outdoor spaces compliment health service delivery.


The Integrated Acute Services Building and future stages of Randwick Campus Redevelopment provide an opportunity to significantly revitalise the area. The landscape strategy guides the redevelopment to contribute to an urban environment that is green and healthy, connected, integrated and responsive. These principles are informing the design of public open spaces and landscaping in and around the new Integrated Acute Services Building to create a contemporary Hospitals’ Campus.


Retail Spaces

The approach to retail facilities in the Integrated Acute Services Building considers the needs of hospital users and the broader precinct community. Through consultation it has been highlighed that the retails spaces need to provide a dynamic and contemporary canvas that can be constantly refreshed to contribute to a welcoming and vibrant main hospital entry. The retail facilities that will be designed will facilitate easy and effective access to a variety of services available.


The aim is to create a distinctive, coherent and trusted wayfinding solution that is integrated into open community spaces, pedestrian, vehicular and transport modes. Wayfinding supports all people that are arriving, leaving or circulating throughout the whole Randwick Hospital Campus, allowing them to quickly identify the route to their destination. The strategy has identified the need for a easily understood hierarchy of signage elements and communication touchpoints. Wayfinding is key to ensuring patients can have a smooth transition to their health service and a calm hospital experience.