Bike and smoothie pop up

Bike Smoothie Pop Up

May 2019
Campus staff, visitors and the community provide their feedback about the a proposed end-of-trip facility while blending their own smoothies.

On 15 May 2019, the Randwick Campus Redevelopment team delivered its latest pop-up information stand, this time engaging with staff about the proposed campus end -of-trip facility. In just two hours more than 100 staff learned more about the proposal and provided valuable feedback into design, all while enjoying their self-blended mango and strawberry smoothies. It was fantastic to see so many smiles as staff and visitors hopped on the ‘blender-bikes’.

Over 100 staff from across the campus representing a range of campus partners, clinical service areas and work roles dropped by for a chat. A number of staff from the campus Bicycle User Group dropped by to lend support. Martin Mackertich, Director Clinical Services, and Karen Tuqiri, Director Nursing and Midwifery, also took the opportunity to hear what staff had to say and blend a smoothie.

Support for end-of-trip facility:

This is a great idea. Walking and riding can save time and money and is a healthy option.
This is important. My bike is expensive and I need to know it is secure and weather protected.
I am all for improving travel options for staff, especially when they are healthy and active.
I like the idea of supporting walking and riding to work to free up car spots for staff and patients who have no other choice but to drive to campus.
I go to the gym at lunch time and can use this facility.