Farewell to our POWH redevelopment consumers

20230405_063838462_iOS-(1).jpgIn early June, members of the Acute Services Building (ASB) Consumer & Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) met for the very last time in the expansive grand entrance to the ASB.

Sitting in the space that was merely a hole in the ground when the committee formed back in 2017, they fondly looked back on their time on the project over afternoon tea.

Committee member, Bob Wilson, who chaired the committee from inception until early 2020, reflected on his involvement in the project over the years.

“As a committee, we were listened to at all stages of the project, and we witnessed changed practices as a result of our input. There was a consistent willingness to accept the input of the consumers and welcome our views,” said Bob.

The consumer and community voice has been critical to the redevelopment project’s success in delivering community-focused public infrastructure and healthcare services.

From the CCAC’s inaugural meeting in late 2017 to their final meeting in June 2023, the CCAC members were advocates for their community and own health care experience. This allowed decision makers to hear and understand the consumer perspective and helped to ensure a clear and diverse consumer and community voice was integrated into the planning, design, construction and commissioning of the new facility.

The CCAC partnered with clinicians, architects, designers, engineers, consultants, artists and redevelopment project staff to design a patient-centred health facility that will deliver improved access to healthcare and evolving medical science within the hospital and out into the community for years to come.

“I must say a big “thank you” to all the members of the committee who, with their diverse backgrounds but with a common desire to contribute, have brought a community focus to the delivery of the ASB,” said Chair, John Patterson.

The CCAC has now formally disbanded, leaving the Prince of Wales Hospital Consumer Advisory Committee to continue providing consumer input to the hospital and its services.

Head to the Consumer Engagement page to read the Project Completion Report, summarising the ASB CCAC’s achievements throughout the life of the project and to find out about opportunities to be involved in the Sydney Chidren's Hospital Stage 1 and Minderoo Comprehensive Children Cancer Centre Community and Consumer Adviosry Committee.