Reflecting on our patient and carer experiences

Today marks the start of Human Experience Week 2023 (1-7 May), a time for us to focus on the human experience in healthcare, take time to think about patient, family and carer experiences, and celebrate staff. 
Our theme for Human Experience Week 2023 is All of Us: The Power of Community
From this year's theme we focus on co-design on our projects and how engagement with consumers, carers and communities provides diverse perspectives that improve the human experience in all our facilities. 
The Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building (ASB), an integral part of the broader Randwick Campus Redevelopment, was enriched by the perspectives of the ASB Consumer and Community Advisory Committee (CCAC).
The CCAC was established in 2017 with a vision and commitment of ensuring patients were at the forefront of planning the new hospital building. The group played an integral part, with input from passionate representatives helping to shape key project components - from wayfinding and signage to furniture selection, arts elements and designing public spaces.
Now that the ASB is complete, the valued perspectives of former patients, community members and consumers, which were integrated into the design, planning and delivery phases of the project, are being experienced by staff and patients.
Find out more about the Randwick Campus Redevelopment consultation and co-design processes aimed at improving the human experience.