CONSTRUCTIOn of future IPU SPACES complete

The additional inpatient unit (IPU) space which has been under construction on Level 6 of the Acute Services Building (ASB) throughout the year was officially handed over to South Eastern Sydney Local Health District in mid-November, enabling Prince of Wales Hospital to commence the hospital operational commissioning phase.

With the helpful support of the Loading Dock 7 team, a range of new furniture and equipment is now being delivered for installation within the Level 6 IPUs and the adjacent Education, Training and Research space.

At the same time, the hospital’s digital health team has been busy fitting out the spaces with computers, phones and meeting room screens. It won’t be long before the area is ready to welcome staff groups for orientation sessions, enabling teams to check that everything is working as it should and prepare their areas readiness for the transition of services in early 2024.

Commissioning will be a combined effort, with the corporate services team supporting the process through coordination of cleaning, along with stocking of supplies such as handtowels, gloves, toilet rolls and beverage bay items.

The hospital’s General Surgery and Specialist Surgery teams are looking forward to the move into the ASB and have developed comprehensive education, training and orientation plans to ensure their staff are ready for the transition into their new workplace on completion of commissioning.

Pictured: General and Specialist Surgery staff learn new ways of working in the IPU.

Published November 2023