staff leading the change

The roll-out of the Redevelopment Change Program for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Minderoo Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre (SCH1/MCCCC) project is underway.

The program aims to plan and test new models of care and operating models, ensuring that staff are prepared from day one to provide the best care to patients and families when the building opens.

Priorities for the program have been established through consultation with leaders, executive staff and stakeholders. Some of the change priorities for the year include the development of new models of care for the Emergency Department, short stay unit, pharmacy suites and viewing room.

Louise O'Shannassy, Acting Project Director for SCH1/MCCCC, expressed her excitement in seeing teams come together to initiate their change planning.

"Over the past month, more than 15 working groups have been established to envision their 'future state' and how the new infrastructure will facilitate improved ways of working," said Louise.

We are working with clinical and operational staff to document the models, assess the impact of change, and establish implementation steps.  

“We are constantly impressed by the level of dedication and critical thinking displayed by our teams as they navigate through the planning process."

The Change Program will continue into 2024 and then transition into the commissioning phase as we head towards project completion in 2025.