Connecting health through data visualisation

On Level 3 of the UNSW Integrated Acute Services Building (IASB), researchers will bring ethically sourced information and medical technology together to support patients through sensors, devices and the generation of data. 

Computational modelling will be used to analyse the data and predictive analytics to show trends.


Researchers will work directly with the ASB’s Community Management Centre, focusing on supporting the hospital’s strong tele-clinical, virtual care and remote monitoring capabilities.


An established collaboration that’s already supported the tele-clinical monitoring of over 8,000 people with COVID, UNSW will work with the Community Management Centre and to support patients at home by monitoring conditions like stroke rehabilitation, gestational diabetes and other conditions.


Data that is produced can be used not only to treat an individual but to make predictive models for diagnosis or prevention based on medical images and other data.

Pictured above: Hyperspectral imaging is a new diagnostic technique that Biosensing and Imaging researchers are developing to a 'fingerprint' to allow differentiation between healthy and non-healthy cells or tissues. The technique uses light to capture the native fluorescence of cells, allowing biochemical and molecular information to be obtained, benefitting label-free, non-invasive diagnostics.

Published April 2024