Executive Director Brooke Griffin

Q: How would you describe the Precinct in four words? 
A: It’s all about a mindset, being connected, creative and impactful.

Q: What excites you most about the Precinct? 
A: Early advancement in governance, and true collaboration with Precinct partners has organised us for success. These are the building blocks from which we align, evolve and accelerate as trusted partners to harness human energy and drive transformative change.

It’s the hearts and minds – the people – that champion this common purpose through genuine passion, energy and commitment to a shared vision for personalised, holistic healthcare; and a strong community and economy.

Q: What do the next six months look like for the Precinct?
A: In the last 12 months we’ve set ourselves up for success with a robust operating model in place, so the focus now shifts to the buzz of operationalising the projects and focus areas we’ve committed to, and bringing them to life.

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