Brooke Selby

Q: What is your role in the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct (RHIP) team?
A: As the Precinct Program Manager, my role is to lead and monitor the delivery of projects across the precinct. In practice, this involves: 
  • Attending a number of meetings and working groups to ensure I have oversight of projects and activities happening across the precinct 
  • Supporting project leads to initiate and scope new projects  
  • Identifying and escalating issues and risks  
  • Identifying strategic opportunities for service development and innovation 
  • Facilitating the annual strategic planning process.
Whilst I manage and oversee a number of projects across the precinct, I will play a more active role within the virtual health and clinical services portfolios over the coming months.  

Q: What attracted you to this type of work?
A: Throughout my career in health, I have observed how a siloed approach to healthcare ultimately creates disjointed work processes, increased costs and adverse outcomes for patients.
In order to deliver high value patient centred care we must leverage opportunities and partner with organisations to maximise our efforts.  
I was attracted to this work because I really believe the Randwick Health and Innovation Precinct demonstrates how best to integrate health, research and education to improve the health outcomes of our community.  

Q: What excites you most about the precinct?
A: What excites me most about the precinct is the sheer number of opportunities to collaborate and solve real life health issues, both current and emerging.  

Q: What do the next six months look like?
A: Over the next six months the team will continue to execute the projects on the 22/23 operational plan as well as participate in a number of workshops to plan and prioritise work for the next financial year.  

For me personally, I am hoping to establish strong professional relationships with the partners and key stakeholders across the precinct. In terms of projects, I’m looking forward to progressing work in the virtual health space as this is an area which I think has huge potential for each of the partners and the community.  

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