Previous Precinct Planning

1.jpg2.jpg3D artist impressions of the Acute Services Building, the Randwick Hospitals Campus and UNSW Kensington Campus

Indicative master plan for the Randwick Campus Redevelopment, part of the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct

Greater Randwick Integrated Health Services Plan

The Greater Randwick Integrated Health Services Plan was produced in response to a funding announcement by the NSW Minister for Health to redevelop the Randwick Hospitals Campus. The Campus forms part of a specialised health and academic health sciences precinct which includes the UNSW Kensington Campus, and the immediate surrounding areas.

Randwick Health Collaboration

The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network have strengthened their alliance with UNSW to form the Randwick Health Collaboration which supports the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) in achieving its mission to:
  • Expand health, teaching and education services delivered from world class infrastructure.
  • Increase research capacity to improve care and innovation for patients and the community.
  • Be the catalyst for the creation of up to 15,000 new jobs and a major lever for economic stimulus.

Greater Randwick Urban Masterplan (GRUM)

The GRUM considers the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct in the context of the surrounding area and supporting infrastructure at a local, city and regional level. The masterplan was developed by the Randwick Health Collaboration as a high level urban framework to guide the priorities for investment in health and education services in the precinct and respond to the Greater Sydney Commission’s strategy for Eastern Sydney. The masterplan has been endorsed by precinct stakeholders, with support from Randwick City Council.

Randwick Academic Health Science Centre Masterplan (RAHSCM)

The RAHSCM was developed to guide the staged development of the Randwick Hospitals' Campus. The plan identifies potential locations and services to meet future requirements of the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct partners while considering the outcomes from the GRUM.