Acute Services Building
UNSW Addition (IASB)


The NSW Government is partnering with UNSW Sydney to strengthen the Randwick Hospitals Campus through the integration of health education, training and research with acute healthcare services.

The Randwick Hospitals Campus has had teaching affiliations with UNSW Sydney for nearly 60 years. The Acute Services Building (ASB) provides the opportunity to further leverage this long-standing partnership by providing a physical and working integration between the Hospital and UNSW.

In an integrated extension of the Prince of Wales Hospital ASB, UNSW Sydney will house state-of-the-art research, clinical innovation, biomedical and teaching facilities across 10 floors, embedding research, education and training initiatives with clinical activities. This co-location will strengthen links between clinicians and researchers to provide important insights into current healthcare practice that will lead to learning and advancement in the way healthcare is delivered.

Construction of the 5,000 square metre extension on the eastern facade of the ASB was completed in early 2023, with fit out activities continuing until early 2024 in preparation for the space becoming operational soon after.

To be known as the UNSW Integrated Acute Services Building, facilities within the UNSW extension to the ASB will broadly include:

  • Research and collaboration spaces
  • Clinical research spaces
  • Clinical innovation and translation spaces
  • Clinical translational laboratories (PC2 and PC3)
  • Biomedical engineering innovation spaces

The spaces will align with work happening at the hospital, maximising the benefits of co-location to improve health outcomes for our community. 

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Acute Services Building Addition

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SSD-10339 Planning Documentation

On 18 December 2019, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) approved the State Significant Development application (SSD-10339) for the UNSW Addition to the Integrated Acute Services Building, the first expansion of the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Planning documents