SSD-10339 documentation

State Significant Development approval SSD-10339

On 18 December 2019, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) approved the State Significant Development application (SSD-10339) for the Prince of Wales Hospital - Addition to the Acute Services Building comprising:
  • Construction of a 10 storey addition to the eastern elevation of the Acute Services Building and extending above Hospital Road
  • Lowering of Hospital Road and closure of access at the High Street intersection
  • Opening of Magill Street for through traffic access (between the hours of 7am and 10pm only)
  • Landscaping and public domain works
  • Utility services and stormwater infrastructure works, and
  • Excavation and site preparation works.
The planning approval is the result of a thorough assessment of the proposal and its environmental impacts. The project EIS and supporting documentation is available on the DPIE Major Projects webpage.

Environmental Impact Statement (link to DPIE Major Project's webpage)
1. Approved plans
2. Notice of decision
3. Development consent  |  MOD 1 Consolidated consent
4. Assessment report
5. Pre-construction compliance report  |  Compliance Construction Report No.1Compliance Construction Report No.2Compliance Construction Report No. 3 |Compliance Construction Report No.4 |Pre-Operational Compliance Report
6. Community communication strategy 
7. Complaints register (issued monthly, combined for SSD-9113 and SSD-10339 - refer to SSD-9113 summary)
8. Independent Audit Program
Independent Audit Report No.1 July 2020 Proponent Response to Independent Audit Report No.1 July 2020
Independent Audit Report No. 2 December 2020 Proponent Response to Independent Audit Report No. 2 December 2020
Independent Audit Report No. 3 July 2021 Proponent Response to Independent Audit Report No. 3 July 2021
Independent Audit Report No. 4 November 2022 Proponent Response to Independent Audit Report No. 4 February 2023

9. Construction Monitoring Report (as at 10 February 2023) 
10. Staging Report

Crown Certificates
Crown Certificate 1 (certificate no. 19/124846-5) including diversion of in-ground services in Hospital Road including sewer, stormwater, water, fire mains, medical gas, natural gas, data/comms, low voltage/ electrical, and ancilliary items including nwe fire hydrant booser pumps for the Ainsworth Building and Royal Hospital for Women.
Crown Certificate 2 (certificate no. 20/124846-7)including Bulk Excavation; Piling; Retention Structures; and Ancillary items to Road/pedestrian footpath/steps.
Crown Certificate 3 (certificate no. 21/124846-9) including sewer, stormwater, piling, retention structures, road, footpath and pavement
Crown Certificate 4 (certificate no. 21/124846-12) including UNSW Eastern Extension Structure and Services. 
Crown Certificate 5 (certificate no. 21/124846-13) including façade and landscaping works to the UNSW Eastern Extension. 

SSD10339 - Addition to approved Acute Services Building - Consolidated consent and modifications
Please visit Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, NSW Planning Portal

Management Plans and Sub Plans
Construction and Environmental Management Plan 
Construction Traffic and Pedestrian Management Plan 
Construction Worker Transportation Strategy
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report​
Biodiversity - Fauna Report
Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan
Construction Noise and Vibration Management Sub- Plan
Construction Waste Management Plan 
Stormwater and Erosion Management Plan 
Air Quality Management Plan
Groundwater Management Plan 
Remediation Action Plan
Site Audit Statement
Emergency Response Management Plan