Project Summary

The UNSW Health Translation Hub (HTH) will bring together educational and medical researchers, clinicians, educators, students, industry partners and public health staff to drive excellence in innovation.

Students will work side-by-side with researchers on real-life cases, and practitioners will be better positioned to answer big research questions and solve significant health problems. This shared interaction will allow researchers to undertake studies that are immediately relevant in the real world, with the results of these studies benefitting patients without delay.

The NSW Government is partnering with UNSW Sydney to strengthen the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct through the integration of additional health education, training, and research with acute healthcare services - directly benefiting patients, carers, and the wider NSW community.

Building on over 60 years of teaching hospital affiliations, this partnership will help grow the relationship between UNSW Sydney and the Randwick Hospitals Campus, its research institutes and broader health partners. The UNSW HTH will enable a seamless physical and working integration between the hospitals and the university, positioning the wider precinct at the forefront of international health research and education.

The UNSW Health Translation Hub is set to be complete in 2025 and will include:

  • Purpose-built spaces for researchers, educators, students and industry partners to work alongside clinicians
  • Education, training and research rooms
  • Clinical schools
  • Ambulatory care clinics
  • Support facilities including retail premises
  • More than 2,500 square metres of publicly accessible open space for staff, students, patients and the community.

To be constructed on the corner of High Street and Botany Street, the UNSW Health Translation Hub will enable the rapid translation of research, innovation, and education into improved patient care, enabling the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct to positively impact the wellbeing of the broader community.

The UNSW HTH will sit adjacent to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Minderoo Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre building, currently under construction, and accompany the new Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building (ASB), set to open in early 2023. UNSW also has approximately 5,000 square metres of space in the ASB, which will promote the physical and working integration between UNSW and the hospital.

The Environmental Impact Statement for the UNSW Health Translation Hub is available to view on the NSW Government Major Projects planning portal

If you’d like more information about the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct and how you can contribute, email the team at precincts@unsw.edu.au

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SSD-10822510 Planning Documentation

On 15 December 2021, the NSW Department of Planning Environment (DPE) approved the State Significant Development application (SSD-10822510) for construction and use of a new 15 storey building (over one basement level) for use as a health education and research building, including clinical schools and education hub, research space and ground floor retail.

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The Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct brings together world-class education, research and healthcare organisations to address real-world problems across the lifespan, from newborns to centennials.

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