Amanda, Social Worker 

I cycle from Newtown to Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick. The journey takes me approx. 35 - 40 minutes each way. I cycle to work a few times a week. It's the absolute best way to start and end a shift!

So much easier and less stressful than looking for parking, sitting in traffic or navigating public transport.

When I first started commuting to Randwick there was a part of the route that didn't feel as safe. One day a friend told me that a new cycle path had opened near the race course. I discovered there are now fantastic separated cycle paths for most of my commute. One of the new paths takes me right by Centennial Park and over a big pond where I always see bird and plant life.

I've also made a new friend through riding. A colleague who lives near me wanted to cycle but didn't feel confident, so we rode together a few times. We became friends and now often cycle together to and from work. Sometimes we stop at a café on the cycle route for a morning coffee before work.

Cycling has so many benefits for physical and mental health, and the new separated bike paths alongside the light rail make it really safe and easy!

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