green travel profile

Kirsty, Child life therapist

 “I’ve been cycling to work for the past 10 years, both in Sydney (7 years) and in London before that. I love the freedom that cycling provides, in journey planning (choosing different routes), being able to hop off and become a pedestrian at a moment’s notice if I see a coffee shop I want to check out and the feeling of fresh air and I get to work in my own time, under my steam and get exercise at the same time. It's rare to find somewhere to park a bike that's safe and accessible as well as protected from the elements. I currently utilise the parking spots by the Garden cafe as it's easy to get to the office and offers protection from rain, wind and safety in numbers.

On the few occasions I have caught the bus to work, it has taken the same amount of time to journey, if not longer so now I tend to ride whatever the weather. Another member of my team cycles too so there's a great camaraderie there. I have the shortest commute of everyone on my team and I have the least stress of everyone too in finding parking (everyone else drives). I use the cycle time to work to mentally prepare for the day ahead and hone into 'work mode' whilst the journey home allows me time to process the day and gear up for a gym session before heading home for dinner and socialising. In the winter, the bracing breeze wakes me up for the day, whereas in the summer I relish the warmth of the sun before it heats up too much and store up the vitamin C.

I really can't see a downside to riding to work and am passionate, not only about cycling, but also about promoting healthy awareness between motorists and cyclists. It is possible to share the roads harmoniously, we just all need to be aware and work at it!”


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