green travel profile

Sarah, Paediatric Dietitian

Sarah lives in Wollongong. Her commute includes a train from North Wollongong to Redfern Station. She then rides her bike from Redfern to work at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

She leaves her bike in the Redfern Station Bike Shed overnight. In total Sarah’s commute is 1 hour and 40 minutes (20 minute cycle). She really enjoys the benefits of the cycling part of her trip by getting daily exercise and avoiding crowded buses or waiting for trams.

"The way in is fairly uphill so I purchased a better bike, discovering the free bike shed at Redfern station using opal card means I don’t have to try and get my bike on a very crowded south coast train in the afternoon."

"I have spoken to sooo many people who would ride in if they knew there were better facilities to get changed and have a shower on those hot days!" 


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