Successful evacuation drill highlights emergency readiness

A synchronised evacuation drill was conducted in October, with workers from the adjoining UNSW Health Translation Hub (HTH) and Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Minderoo Comprehensive Cancer Centre (SCH1/MCCCC) sites exiting en masse in a sea of fluorescent workwear.  

The drill was a coordinated effort between Hansen Yuncken (HTH builder) and John Holland Group (SCH1/MCCCC builder) to inform and evaluate the projects’ emergency evacuation response and broader safety protocols, in line with construction safety regulations.

With more than 300 construction workers on site at the time of the drill, the level of coordination and dedication demonstrated by contractors was commendable, with construction workers exiting quickly via their designated egress gates and the entire workforce off site in less than 20 minutes.  Workers reported they believed it was a legitimate evacuation.

Following a series of comprehensive internal assessments, the meticulously planned and unannounced exercise will provide invaluable insights into emergency response efficiencies and the effectiveness of evacuation procedures across both sites. Feedback gathered from construction workers and the broader project team will help refine emergency response strategies, ensuring that the projects are even better prepared to safeguard the wellbeing of construction workers and the surrounding community in the event of an actual emergency. 

Emergency response scenario testing and evaluation reinforces our commitment to maintaining a safe environment for everyone on our construction sites.